There are many resources available to help families as they prepare for a disaster of any kind. Here are useful links that you can use to start your preparation. 


FEMA – FEMA is available to provide information on the current and recent disasters as well as apply for assistance and maps. You can also find more resources on planning, recovery and response. FEMA also provides a section entirely for children. Also check out 


AMERICAN RED CROSS – The American Red Cross provides a large range of information that relates to planning and disaster response. The site offers helpful resources with specific news and information for communities when a disaster hits. 


NN/LM DISASTER READY INITIATIVE – The main goal for the site is to promote preparations in disaster in health sciences and to serve as a disaster preparation resource for local communities anywhere in the nation. 


NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE – NWS offers fast and easy to use information in relations to weather which can be helpful in assisting families and plan for any natural disaster. 


DISASTER ASSISTANCE -Disaster Assistance is an online form of federal disaster assistance. You can register with FEMA or any other federal agency and redirect your social security benefits to your new address. 


SAMSHA DISASTER HELPLINE – SAMSHA Disaster Helpline provides crisis counsel and support for people experiencing trauma related to human or natural caused disasters. 

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