disaster apps you should download right now

With all the disasters that are happening all over the world right now, there seems to be a greater need for exploring faster and efficient methods of activating relief efforts. Thanks to technology, communication technology including the use of mobile and social tools continue to play a role in emergency efforts as well as the overall safety for families. The following are useful crisis apps that you might find useful. Most of these apps are free and can be used in the U.S. or globally. 

Here are the best disaster apps you should download right now. 

Disaster Alert

Not everyone watches TV or listens to the radio as much as they used it. This means it can be harder to get alerts. With Disaster Alert, you will know exactly what is going on around your community and the country. All you have to do is plug in your location and see if there are any emergencies in your area. 

You can also check out for emergencies anywhere else in the world by tapping on an alert and get a profile of it. With this app, you can receive alerts for the latest updates and see just how serious it is. 

Emergency Red Cross


The Red Cross is a huge resource for disease safety. The plug-in works with your location to let your know if there is any activity in your area. You can also plug in the site of your distant families, and the app will let you know if there are any updates on any disaster situation. With the Emergency Red Cross app, you can also learn more about how to prepare you and your families for different kinds of disasters and take a quiz to see just how prepared you are. 




Life350 allows you to keep track of your family during any case of an emergency. The app sets up a personal network where you can privately send messages and share locations. This will allow you to check in with your family, so everyone knows where you are and vice versa. You can also add photos to your profile and create a map to see where your family is. Another bonus is that you can share lists. 

PLERTS – formally BuddyGuard


Plerts is a free iOS app that is created to help in any emergency situation. Once the Plerts app is launched, it captures audio and images every 10 seconds and transmits the data to the Plerts secure servers. This is ideal in any case of an emergency or accident situation such as a natural disaster. You will also have the feature to hit an SOS button as the data is gathered and sent to your emergency content list. The Plerts apps will also send your contacts emails and SMS messages with a feature-rich map according to your GPS coordinates. 

Disaster Radar Global


The makers of Disaster Radar Global say it is the 1st real-time natural disease and emergency monitor app. You can view disasters on a global map or choose a selected route to individually see complete details such as the areas affected and even the cause. 

Hurricane Tracker – the USA


The Hurricane Tracker app was recently received as the best Hurricane Tracker available for iPhone by CNN. This will also include live video briefs on hurricanes in real-time condition updates, dozens of maps, push alerts and minute updates. The app also has access to the national weather radio and more than sixty-five animated apps. The map may also be the top mobile hurricane source that may come in handy and save your life. 

Shelter View – the USA


The Shelter View app is developed by Red Cross, which main focus is to getting people to shelters when a disaster hits. It draws on the National Shelter of the Red Cross for details on more than 60,000 emergency facilities in the United States along with fast accessibility to the Disaster Online Newsroom. 

Outbreaks Near Me – the USA


The HealthMap’s Outbreaks Near Me app can track down real-time updates on outbreaks and give mobile users open info to reports as well submit their news. You can also report an outbreak using the app and be featured as a detective on the website. 



WISER alerts us when any hazardous substance is involved, the app is first targeted at instant responders, HAZMAT units as well as Wireless Information system for Emergency Responders to better help to identify the hazardous substances. This helps produce users will the proper help on removal and crisis maps right into your mobile app. 

Got any other apps that should be added to this list? If so, comment below and let us know. 

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