Disaster Information is looking for quality advertising which is interested in reaching targeted audiences and highly motivated group.

Every week, Disaster Information is viewed by thousands of unique visitors searching for resources, encouragement, tips, and expert training in their preparedness. Our viewership actively continues to grow each day.


Disaster Information is looking for Advertising partners who provide products and services for self-reliance and preparedness – with superior quality. We intend to limit the advertising space as each advertisement receives valuable service from us.

We are confident that our readers will appreciate quality services and products from our advertising partners that will assist them in their preparation efforts.

Here’s what we offer:

Display Advertisement

Our display advertisements are seen throughout the page and publication. The display advertisement is provided in a range of sizes from full page down to a small block. The ads contain text, images, logos, and illustrations.

Classified Advertisement

Our classified advertisements are small text-based ads. They will fit a maximum of 50 words with a bold title headline. Classified ads can be seen throughout the magazine and listed in a special classified section of the magazine.

If you have an interest in our advertising opportunities, please send us an email, and we will provide you with more information on what is available and special advertising promotions you may want to take advantage.