Disaster Information is a digital publication that is professionally designed with the vision to offer full preparation for any catastrophe. Our purpose is to provide expert advice, training, and development in addition to independent living and survival skills that will come in handy when a disaster strikes.


Disaster Information is dedicated to sharing our positive approach to preparation with expert authors and contributors who share a variety of skills and approaches to preparing for the uncertainties of our future.

Here at Disaster Information, we are not interested in promoting fear as we’d rather help families and individuals prepare for the what-ifs. Since the start of 2013, Disaster Information magazine has strived to provide the best resources and expert tips for self-reliance, preparedness, and survival.

Here’s what you will find on Disaster Information every month:

  • Expert Emergency Preparation Skills and training
  • Disaster survival tips
  • Self-reliance tips
  • Preparation products reviews and resources
  • Community connects
  • And much more.

Disaster Information magazine continues to grow as more people have begun to grasp of preparation against disasters of all kind. We aim to prepare our readies with real insight without focusing on the substantial doubts of fear that often seems to approach us in the media.